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It is exciting to look back in history, it gives you ideas for the future.

2020 is the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War II and the loss of Hubert Kleiboeker who was killed fighting the Nazi forces on the French German Border 

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DNA Test uncovers new branch of Kleiboeker Family

  Welcome a new set of Kleiboeker's to our family who spell their name Claybaker!  

  Henry (Heinrich) Kleiboeker, who left Germany in 1834 and  immigrated to Indiana after a challenging sea voyage from Bremen to Baltimore, is the ancestor of Clint Claybaker who lives in Springfield MO.  Clint's DNA matched our Kleiboeker DNA!

  Henry was born in Neuenkirchen, Germany just like our Johann H. Kleiboeker's father, Johann Bernhard Kleiboeker.  In fact J. Bernhard and Henry were both born in January 1801 in Neuenkirchen.  Learn the full story here.

July 19 - 30,  2016

We are back from Germany and had a trip of a lifetime!

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Enjoy the memories for those who attended. For those who may travel to these sites in the future, click here to see itinerary and other info about the trip

See the latest photos on where these Rusch's lived in Prussia, now Poland, by clicking on the picture of David and Louise Rusch above

Kleiboeker Family Website

My goal is to share many of the stories, photos and history of a great family that always have reached out and supported one another.  If you have any suggestions, changes or edits feel free to let me know via the contact page, or just email me at

There are two family trees loaded on a website accessible via the Family Tree page. One is for public use and does not include any living people.  It has just been updated with all branches of the Kleiboekers / Kleyböckers, including the German side, the Claybaker side and all of Johann Heinrich's descendants.  The second includes living relatives but is password protected.  

Dennis Kruse

June, 2018