Learn about the Berlin Wall, both its creation and its demise. Learn how some of our relatives lived and worked in East Germany during the Cold War.  See Berlin today and how it has transformed.  Visit Leipzig where the protests to tear down the wall was started by Lutheran Ministers. 

Visit the Wartburg Castle where Martin Luther hid out from the Bishop and translated the Bible into German, See other Luther Sites right before the 500 year anniversary of the reformation in 2017.

Visit Bremen and see the port where all the Kleiboeker's left for the USA, have a beer at the "Last Bar before New York", and learn the story of the Bremer town Musicians

See the great city of Hamburg

Some of the places we will visit:

Kleiboeker Hof in Hinnenkamp, near Voerden Germany

Church in Gehrde, where Johann Kleiboeker was baptized

We are progressing on our planning for a trip to Germany to visit various sites connected with our family history.  The trip will be targeting approximately 25 people, and we have now confirmed dates of July 19 - July 30,  2016.

The first days, we will be visiting the cities of Hamburg, Bremen, and Bremerhaven from which many immigrants sailed. Then to the Osnabrueck area and visiting the Kleiboeker Hof (farmstead) and the local area.  We will visit the church in Gehrde where Johann Kleiboeker was baptized and meet lots of people named Kleyboecker from the area. They are planning an evening with us at the Hotel we will be staying at, the weekend we will visit the Hof.

After the tour of the Family area, we will take a Rhine River Cruise and visit Rudesheim and Mainz area, home of great vineyards and Riesling wines.    In addition it looks now that one of the wineries we might visit is run by a Kleiboeker!!  The next day in Mainz we will visit the Guttenberg Museum, get some shopping in, and see some interesting Roman ruins. And Lori Kruse's foreign exchange family has also wonderfully volunteered to host and evening with all of us in their home and backyard near Mainz.   After that we will visit significant Luther Sites, (the reformation is celebrating its 500th anniversary in 2017).  We will also explore the more recent history of Eastern Germany and the fall of the Berlin wall and events surrounding that in Leipzig and Berlin.  Please read through the draft itinerary by clicking on the button above. 

Family Info and great history 

2016 Family Trip to Germany

Cruise on the Rhine River!