Family Info and great history 

Here are some books you might find of interest: 

Ann Angel's Freedom; by Katharina Gerlach  (Author), Anke Waldmann (Collaborator); 2007

        Based on facts, the novel tells the story of Ann Angel Waldmann whose father decides to accept their Count's offer to buy their freedom. It is set in the rural area around Osnabrueck at the turn of the 18th century, a time when old values are questioned. In spite of new ideas, individual freedom is a frightening dream for most people. It is a time of change, where Ann Angel Waldmann, daughter of a rich farmer, has to cope with the obstacles life puts in her way. Bestselling author Holly Lisle describes the novel as follows: "Ann Angel's Freedom is an amazing, beautifully researched, well-written tale of a world and a time far different from our own, but one that still resonates with the struggles we all face today. I found myself suffering with Ann and those she loved, hoping for her, and in the end cheering with her. It's a wonderful story, made more wonderful because it's true."  Here is the link to the reference material provided at the end of this book.

Victor's Rage (Waldmann Family Saga Book 2)

       The second book in the series and the sequel to Ann Angel's Freedom is Victor's Rage.  It covers the time period from 1830-1850 and explores the reasons people around Osnabrück Germany wanted to leave and emigrate to the USA.  The reference documents are available at the end of the book and here.  These provide significant details on how life was lived in this area during that time frame. This book is only available via Kindle as of Summer 2018.

The Westfalians:  From Germany to Missouri, by Walter D. Kamphoefner; Princeton University Press; 1987

New Light on Freistatt, Missouri; The Fritz, Groh, Waiss and Wiedman Family legacies meet  by John E. Groh, Authorhouse Press; 2006

Hold Dear as Always; Jette, A German Immigrant Life in Letters; Edited by Adolf E. Schroeder and Carla Schulz-Geisberg; University of Missouri Press, 1988

A Love that will not die, An immigrant Family's tale of Struggle and Survival in 19th Century St. Louis by Sandy Meyr, Bluebird Publishing; 2011

"Mr. Anonymous", The Story of William Volker by Herbert C. Cornuelle; The Caxton Printers, Ltd.  1951